Taylor & Taylor Handwash

The Taylor & Taylor personal care range offers a high-quality, luxury look at a fantastic value price.

Products that would look great in any bathroom, kitchen or guest room, with a classic but modern design with our unique tinted bottle design and fantastic fragrances that leave your hands feeling soft and smelling great.

All our products are kind to your skin as they are PH balanced and moisture enriched… lather on as required, rinse and feel cleansed!

Sweet Lime & Pomello Luxury Handwash

Sweet Lime & Pomello

Easy to use pump handwash. A bitter sweet, fruity fragrance balanced by fresh lime will awaken your senses and linger on your skin all day; alluring and a gentle lather to let your skin feel velvety soft.

Pomegranate & Cassis Luxury Handwash

Pomegranate & Cassis

This pleasant lather will leave you feeling fresh and your hands silky soft whilst moisturising with every wash. A beautiful fragrance of light fruity extracts to have a long lasting, mysterious aroma with you all day.

Sea Kelp Luxury Handwash

Sea Kelp

With every use, this luxurious handwash will result in your hands feeling baby smooth and fragranced with an essence of ocean water. Feel relaxed as this aroma lingers with you all day. Can be used whenever and wherever.